Still Number One. Percent.

Still Number One. Percent.
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African-American founders continue to receive venture capital scraps.

From Dominic-Madori Davis via TechCrunch /

"The latest Crunchbase data shows that Black startup founders in the United States raised around $264 million out of the total $33.6 billion in venture capital allocated in Q4 2022. That’s an uptick from the $178 million — or 0.43% — the group raised in Q3.

In total, U.S. Black founders raised an estimated $2.254 billion out of the $215.9 billion in U.S. venture capital allocated last year. That’s about 1%, a slight drop from the 1.3% raised in 2021. Let’s break this down." | Read the FULL ARTICLE.

$100 Million Dollar Men
UrbanGeekz introduces us to the African American men leading venture capital firms managing over nine figures. | From Zara Shepherd-Brierly via UrbanGeekz / Less than 1% of venture capital-backed founders are African American, and the stats are similarly dire when we look at those calling the shot…