The SKY IS BLACK Conversation Menu: Artificial Intelligence

The SKY IS BLACK Conversation Menu: Artificial Intelligence
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The rapid evolution of AI is quickly changing the world, literally as we speak. In Season 2 of SKY IS BLACK, we’ll explore and discuss the implications of these developments, both for people of African descent, and communities around the world. Here are a few of the resources that will guide and animate our unceasing, future-facing exploration.

Barack Obama urges coders to join Biden’s artificial intelligence team
Barack Obama urged coders to consider applying for Joe Biden’s artificial intelligence team “for the common good.” Speaking on the Verge’s podcast Decoder, the former president encouraged both those who are “fresh out of school” and “experienced tech coders” to consider joining the president’s AI ta…
Council Post: 10 Tips For Safeguarding Your Business In The Age Of Artificial Intelligence
While AI holds immense promise, it also creates concerns about authenticity and the overall trustworthiness of the information it provides.
How Districts Are Navigating the Era of Artificial Intelligence
While some districts hesitate, others are embracing generative AI in its infancy by providing hands-on lessons to students, training teachers, and developing clear parameters around its use.
OpenAI is letting anyone create their own version of ChatGPT
The creator of ChatGPT wants people making their own AI agents.
Tech Start-Ups Try to Sell a Cautious Pentagon on A.I.
Shield AI, a tech start-up, already has a drone run by artificial intelligence being used by the Israeli military. But persuading the Pentagon to embrace the technology remains a big challenge.
App Store for AI: OpenAI’s GPT Store lets you build (and monetize) your own GPT | TechCrunch
OpenAI took the leash (and the “Chat”) off ChatGPT today with the announcement of GPTs, a way for anyone to build their own version of the popular
Elon Musk Discusses Perils and Benefits of A.I. With Rishi Sunak
The prime minister’s conversation with the tech billionaire was part of an effort this week to present Britain as a leader in artificial intelligence.
Elon Musk Debuts ‘Rebellious’ Grok AI Bot to Challenge ChatGPT
Elon Musk revealed his own artificial intelligence bot to challenge ChatGPT, claiming the prototype is already superior to ChatGPT 3.5 across several benchmarks.
Apple CEO Tim Cook says AI is a fundamental technology, confirms investments in generative AI | TechCrunch
Apple CEO Tim Cook pushed back a bit at the notion that the company was behind in AI on yesterday’s Q4 earnings call with investors, as he highlighted
Google Content Writers at Accenture Vote to Join Union
A group of Alphabet Inc. contract staff working on content for Google’s support pages voted to unionize, setting up a likely contentious court battle over whether the internet company is legally their boss.
Scarlett Johansson is going after an AI app that used her likeness without permission
This is the latest in an unsettling trend of AI deepfakes.
New AI Model Counters Bias In Data With A DEI Lens
From generating text that furthers stereotypes to producing discriminatory facial recognition results, biased AI poses ethical and social challenges.
YouTube to test generative AI features, including a comments summarizer and conversational tool | TechCrunch
YouTube will begin to experiment with new generative AI features, the company announced today. As part of the premium package available to paid
Write your next novel with this AI e-book creation tool, just $25
The ultimate way to conquer writer’s block.
OpenAI’s ChatGPT now has 100 million weekly active users | TechCrunch
ChatGPT now has 100 million weekly users, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman announced on Monday at the company’s first developer conference.
AI Pioneer Kai-Fu Lee Builds $1 Billion Startup in Eight Months
A Chinese startup founded by computer scientist Kai-Fu Lee has become a unicorn in less than eight months on the strength of a new open-source artificial-intelligence model that outstrips Silicon Valley’s best, on at least certain metrics.
Elon Musk says AI will eventually create a situation where ‘no job is needed’
The billionaire technology leader said late Thursday that AI will have the potential to become the “most disruptive force in history.”
As a Teen, She Loved Video Games. Now She’s Using A.I. to Try to Quash Malaria.
Rokhaya Diagne, a 25-year-old A.I. entrepreneur in Senegal, is part of a subset of Africa’s enormous youth population that is confident technology can solve the continent’s biggest problems.
Advanced AI chatbots perpetuate racist, debunked medical ideas, researchers find
A new study led by Stanford School of Medicine researchers found that OpenAI’s ChatGPT and GPT-4, Google’s Bard, and Anthropic’s Claude appeared to reinforce long-held false beliefs about biological differences between Black and white people.

"What every artist needs to know about AI from a world-renowned futurist."

New Tool Lets Artists “Poison” Their Work to Mess Up AI Trained on It
Researchers built a new tool that can generate prompt-specific “poison samples” that scramble the digital brains of image generators.
Meta’s new AI dating coach is a prude, apparently
Carter, a “practical” AI dating coach, seemingly kink shames you.
10 investors talk about the future of AI and what lies beyond the ChatGPT hype | TechCrunch
To better understand where startups still stand a chance, and where oligopoly dynamics are shaping up, we polled 10 investors about the future of AI.
The BBC is blocking OpenAI data scraping but is open to AI-powered journalism
The BBC wants to carefully assess the technology.
Artificial intelligence such as ChatGPT to be allowed in Australian schools from 2024
‘Kids are using it right across the country. We’re playing catch-up,’ federal education minister says as states back national framework
Snap’s AI chatbot draws scrutiny in UK over kids’ privacy concerns | TechCrunch
Snap’s AI chatbot has landed the company on the radar of the U.K.’s data protection watchdog which has raised concerns the tool may be a risk to Snap’s AI chatbot has landed the company on the radar of the UK’s data protection watchdog which has raised concerns the tool may be a risk to children’s p…
Are Artificial Intelligence and Democracy Compatible?
Nick Clegg of Meta says that they can be, with the right systems in place.
LinkedIn goes big on new AI tools for learning, recruitment, marketing and sales, powered by OpenAI | TechCrunch
LinkedIn -- the Microsoft-owned social platform for those networking for work or recruitment -- is now 21 years old, an aeon in the world of technology.
How to Use ChatGPT’s New Image Features
OpenAI’s new image analysis update for its chatbot is both impressive and frightening. Here’s how to use it, and some advice for your experiments.
AI’s Present Matters More Than Its Imagined Future
Let’s not spend too much time daydreaming.
Gradient raises $10M to let companies deploy and fine-tune multiple LLMs | TechCrunch
Gradient, a startup building a platform to let companies fine-tune and deploy multiple LLMs, has raised $10 million in seed funding.
Computational Power and AI
By Jai Vipra & Sarah Myers WestSeptember 27, 2023 In this article What is compute and why does it matter? How is the demand for compute shaping AI development? What kind of hardware is involved? What are the components of compute hardware? What does the supply chain for AI hardware look like? What d…
Likewise debuts Pix, an AI chatbot for entertainment recommendations | TechCrunch
Likewise, the company behind an app that can recommend your next TV binge, movie to watch, podcast to stream or book to read, is out today with its own
The Repressive Power of Artificial Intelligence
Adobe teases new AI photo editing tool that will ‘revolutionize’ its products
Project Stardust automates labor-intensive photo editing tasks.
Hungryroot founder debuts Every, an AI-powered app for self-reflection and human connection | TechCrunch
As founder and CEO of healthy grocery delivery service Hungryroot, Ben McKean has been investigating the power of AI technologies to improve his business.
Study gauges how people perceive AI-created content | MIT Sloan
Companies that intend to use generative artificial intelligence should first consider how people regard work created by AI, humans, or some combination of the two.
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Walmart experiments with generative AI tools that can help you plan a party or decorate | TechCrunch
After launching a generative AI tool for corporate employees in August, Walmart is bringing the technology to its customers. During a demo with Walmart introduces three features in development: a new shopping assistant, generative AI search and an interior design feature.
NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang Reveals Keys to AI and Leadership | CBS Insights
The tech visionary discussed lessons from building his tech company into a $1 trillion giant at an event organized by the School’s Digital Future Initiative and the Silfen Leadership Series.
OpenAI gives ChatGPT a voice for verbal conversations | TechCrunch
ChatGPT is evolving into more than a text-based search engine, with OpenAI announcing that it’s adding new voice and image smarts to the mix.
Council Post: AI-Powered Audience Growth: How Esports Uses Artificial Intelligence To Connect With Fans
Esports is using advanced machine learning to help game development evolve into enhanced player experiences.
Cooling? We think not.
OpenAI is reportedly raising funds at a valuation of $80 billion to $90 billion | TechCrunch
Employees would reportedly be allowed to sell their existing shares rather than the company issuing new ones.
Meta’s AI chatbot plan includes a ‘sassy robot’ for younger users
Will teens turn off TikTok to talk to a celeb’s chatbot?
Meta debuts generative AI features for advertisers | TechCrunch
Meta announced today it’s rolling out its first generative AI features for advertisers, allowing them to use AI to create backgrounds, expand images and
Getty made an AI generator that only trained on its licensed images
Generative AI by Getty Images offers copyright indemnification to users.
Decoding racial bias in artificial intelligence
Jonathan Capehart is joined by Joy Buolamwini, author of the new book Unmasking AI, to discuss the growing risk of artificial intelligence perpetuating discrimination and what actions Congress needs to take to combat it.
NYPD Deploys Villainous-Looking Dalek in Subway System
Watch out, New Yorkers. The NYPD’s new surveillance Dalek — er, robot — has officially arrived at a subway platform near you.
A.I. Excels at Making Bad Art. Can an Artist Teach It to Create Something Good?
David Salle, one of America’s most thoughtful painters, wants to see if an algorithm can learn to mimic his style — and nourish his own creativity in the process.
MIT scholars awarded seed grants to probe the social implications of generative AI
Following MIT President Sally Kornbluth’s call for proposals, 27 teams of MIT scholars have been selected to develop research papers analyzing the impact of generative AI on education, companionship, music, and more.
We Used A.I. to Write Essays for Harvard, Yale and Princeton. Here’s How It Went.
A.I. chatbots can do a passable job of generating short essays. Whether their use on college applications is ethical is the subject of fierce debate.
Artificial Intelligence Is Rapidly Changing The World Of Medical Imaging
Imaging has become an integral aspect of modern day healthcare delivery.
ChatGPT Can Now Generate Images, Too
OpenAI released a new version of its DALL-E image generator to a small group of testers and incorporated the technology into its popular ChatGPT chatbot.
How generative AI is accelerating disinformation | TechCrunch
Panelists at TC Disrupt 2023 spoke about the ways in which generative AI is accelerating the spread of disinformation.
HKS experts discuss how to harness, and how to rein in, artificial intelligence
For policymakers, AI’s limitless possibilities range from helping improve decision-making to doomsday scenarios. Leading HKS experts tell us what they think about the AI revolution.
Capsule introduces its AI-powered video editor for enterprise teams | TechCrunch
Capsule, a startup that’s been putting AI to use in video editing, is releasing its product to the public, after three years in development. The company’s
Tech Bros Lectured Congress About AI “Like Schoolchildren” Who Weren’t Allowed to Raise Hands
Senators gathered the nation’s tech industry titans to hear out on what the government should do about AI — silently, it turns out.
Here’s How AI/ML Challenges Nobel Laurette Daniel Kahneman’s View Of Predictability
From Daniel Kahneman’s book, “Thinking, Fast and Slow, one of Kahneman’s most frequently cited ideas posits that the future is not as unpredictable as commonly assumed…
Bing, Bard, and ChatGPT: How AI is rewriting the internet
All the stories about chatbots, conversational AI, and the new wave of search.
Franzen, Grisham and Other Prominent Authors Sue OpenAI
The suit, filed with the Authors Guild, accuses the A.I. company of infringing on authors’ copyrights, claiming it used their books to train its ChatGPT chatbot.
Wolfram Alpha, Meet ChatGPT: Stephen Wolfram Talks Intelligence And Large Language Models
We heard early this year that teams were working on this merge, and it’s been interesting to the AI community.
Former Meta AI VP debuts Sizzle, an AI-powered learning app and chatbot | TechCrunch
Founded by the former vice president of AI at Meta, Jerome Pesenti, Sizzle is a free AI-powered learning app that generates step-by-step answers to math Sizzle is a free AI-powered learning app that generates step-by-step answers to math equations and word problems.
Google Connects A.I. Chatbot Bard to YouTube, Gmail and More Facts
Google hopes that giving its chatbot more capabilities and improving its accuracy will give more users a reason to use it.
Amazon Makes Alexa Chattier and More Capable Using Generative AI
The new smarts and conversational tone are meant to improve interactions with the bot and its home-entertainment and smart-home controls.
JusticeText taps AI to transcribe evidence for public defenders | TechCrunch
JusticeText aims to develop a platform that allows public defenders to quickly get the gist of recorded evidence, including from body cams.
Artificial Intelligence And The Boardroom: Immediate Actions Items
For business leaders, AI is an unstoppable game-changer. It is the ability to improve productivity and performance and discover new products and services.
How artificial intelligence is helping doctors measure cardiovascular risks
Instead of relying on doctors analyzing testing and imaging, AI computes thousands of images and corresponding outcomes to predict future risks.
The 100 Most Influential People in AI 2023
Here’s who made the 2023 TIME100 AI list of the most influential people in artificial intelligence.
Roblox’s new AI chatbot will help you build virtual worlds
Another AI chatbot, but this seems useful.
Artists sign open letter saying generative AI is good, actually | TechCrunch
Dozens of artists signed an open letter to Congress saying generative AI isn’t so bad, but that they should also have a seat at the table.
What is Artificial Intelligence? Definition, Uses, and Types
Learn what artificial intelligence actually is, how it’s used today, and what it may do in the future.
Apple is reportedly spending “millions of dollars a day” training AI
Apple’s new chatbots might make complex automations easier.
WATCH: Senate committee holds hearing on artificial intelligence and U.S. competitiveness
The hearing addressed several topics connected to the emerging technology, including the use of AI on battlefields, in medical laboratories and to combat disasters and security threats.
OpenAI will host its first developer conference on November 6 | TechCrunch
OpenAI has announced that it’ll host its first developer conference, OpenAI DevDay, on November 6. It’s promising to announced ‘new tools.’
Applying to College? Here’s How A.I. Tools Might Hurt, or Help.
ChatGPT might change the application essay forever.
AI-Powered Triage Platform Could Aid Future Viral Outbreak Response
A team of researchers from Yale University and other institutions globally has developed an innovative patient triage platform powered by artificial
AI reading coach startup Ello raises $15M to bolster child literacy | TechCrunch
Ello, an AI reading coach, secured $15 million in a Series A funding round. Ello leverages child speech recognition tech.
Artificial Intelligence Automates Diagnosis of Severe Heart Valve Disease
A novel application of deep learning could detect severe aortic stenosis early, researchers say.
Stanford HAI, UC Berkeley, and Gov. Newsom To Host Symposium on California’s AI Future
Artificial Intelligence: Transforming Healthcare, Cybersecurity, and Communications
Machine learning and natural language processing are components of the advent of AI. They are transforming healthcare, cybersecurity, and communications.
OpenAI angles to put ChatGPT in classrooms with special tutor prompts | TechCrunch
OpenAI has a few ways for teachers to put ChatGPT to use outside its usual role as “research assistant” for procrastinating students.
How militaries are using artificial intelligence on and off the battlefield
Artificial intelligence has been a crucial tool for many nations’ militaries for years. Now, with the war in Ukraine driving innovation, AI’s role is likely to grow. Paul Scharre, vice president and director of studies at the Center for a New American Security, joins Ali Rogin to discuss how militar…
Gizmodo’s owner shuts down Spanish language site in favor of AI translations
Stories on the site have been translated by AI.
How Worried Should We Be About AI’s Threat to Humanity? Even Tech Leaders Can’t Agree.
Artificial-intelligence experts debate whether to focus on averting an AI apocalypse or on problems such as bias and disinformation.

Look for the comments from Margaret Mitchell.

How AI Researcher Dylan Baker Uses Technical Communication to Reduce Algorithmic Harm - C/Change
Dylan Baker is an engineer and researcher currently advocating for and building toward more just algorithmic futures at the Distributed AI Research Institute. In this…
Your AI doctor will see you now: How technology is disrupting medicine and beyond in South Africa | CNN
Artificial intelligence remains hotly contested, but scientists in South Africa are spearheading its development across various sectors, from healthcare to hospitality.
Voice Deepfakes Are Coming for Your Bank Balance
Artificial intelligence tools have given scammers a potent weapon for trying to trick people into sending them money.
A new AI-generated map of the world’s trees and renewable energy projects could help fight climate change
It uses AI to sharpen satellite imagery.
How artificial intelligence will affect the elections of 2024
Disinformation will become easier to produce, but it matters less than you might think
Council Post: Beware Of Artificial Intelligence With Puppy Dog Eyes
We’re not going to solve every problem by being smarter or through the use of technology.
Tech Chiefs to Gather in Washington Next Month on A.I. Regulations
The leaders of Google, OpenAI, Microsoft and others will meet with lawmakers on Sept. 13 to kick off listening sessions that may shape A.I. rules in the United States.
Google made a watermark for AI images that you can’t edit out
For now, SynthID works only in Google’s ecosystem — but it could someday be all over the internet
Announcing the complete AI Stage agenda at TechCrunch Disrupt 2023 | TechCrunch
the tech that’s everywhere and touching everything — keeps evolving at a pace that’s surprising even in an industry where change is just about the The AI Stage agenda is at 100% capacity! Check out all the AI goodness you can handle at TechCrunch Disrupt 2023.
The A.I. Revolution Is Coming. But Not as Fast as Some People Think.
From steam power to the internet, there has always been a lag between technology invention and adoption across industries and the economy.
How to Use AI to Talk to Whales—and Save Life on Earth
With ecosystems in crisis, engineers and scientists are teaming up to decipher what animals are saying. Their hope: By truly listening to nature, humans will decide to protect it.
The legal issues presented by generative AI | MIT Sloan
Generative artificial intelligence raises novel legal questions about data use and how content will be regulated. A law partner offers guidance.
Poe’s new desktop app lets you use all the AI chatbots in one place
You can use ChatGPT and a bunch of other AI bots in the same app.
Growing public concern about the role of artificial intelligence in daily life
52% of Americans say they feel more concerned than excited about the increased use of artificial intelligence.
The U.S. Regulates Cars, Radio and TV. When Will It Regulate A.I.?
Congress has tended to be slow to respond to revolutionary technologies.
We don’t have to reinvent the wheel to regulate AI responsibly | TechCrunch
Regulating AI shouldn’t be reinventing the wheel, regardless of polarized political discourse.
How Schools Can Survive (and Maybe Even Thrive) With A.I. This Fall
Step 1: Assume all students are going to use the technology.
Learn how writer FARHAD MANJOO made these images with Midjourney.
Google’s Duet AI is now available in Gmail, Docs, and more for $30 a month
AI is coming to help you make spreadsheets, read long docs, and look better in meetings.
A.I. Brings the Robot Wingman to Aerial Combat
An Air Force program shows how the Pentagon is starting to embrace the potential of a rapidly emerging technology, with far-reaching implications for war-fighting tactics, military culture and the defense industry.
Hugging Face raises $235M from investors, including Salesforce and Nvidia | TechCrunch
Hugging Face, a platform for developing AI models and tooling, has raised $235 million in a venture funding round.
Artificial Intelligence Beyond the Clinic
AI is reshaping medicine, but its impact on other scientific fields could be even more profound
Stephen King: My Books Were Used to Train AI
One prominent author responds to the revelation that his writing is being used to train artificial intelligence.
Amazon brings new AI-driven features to Thursday Night Football | TechCrunch
As Amazon’s Prime Video gears up for its second year as the exclusive rights holder to NFL’s Thursday Night Football (TNF), the streaming service hopes to Prime Video hopes to give TNF fans a more enhanced viewing experience with a slew of new AI-driven features.
Princeton University’s ‘AI Snake Oil’ authors say generative AI hype has ‘spiraled out of control’
In a VentureBeat Q&A, Princeton University’s Arvind Narayanan and Sayash Kapoor, authors of the upcoming “AI Snake Oil,” discuss AI hype.
Meta releases an AI model that can transcribe and translate close to 100 languages | TechCrunch
Meta has released an AI model, SeamlessM4T, that can translate and transcribe across around 100 languages in total.
You can now train ChatGPT on your own documents via API
Developers can now bring their own data to customize GPT-3.5 Turbo outputs.
AI2 drops biggest open dataset yet for training language models | TechCrunch
Language models are powerful, but their training data is largely secret. AI2 aims to change this with a new dataset that’s free and open.
FreeWire launches AI platform to help businesses predict best locations to install EV chargers
Innovative and optimized charging network FreeWire has just introduced a new AI-enabled platform called Mobilyze Pro that uses predictive algorithms…
Voiceflow, a platform for building conversational AI experiences, raises $15M | TechCrunch
Voiceflow, a platform for building conversational AI experiences powered by models like OpenAI’s GPT-4, has raised $15 million in venture capital.
AI-Generated Works Aren’t Protected By Copyrights, Federal Judge Rules
As questions swirl about how artificial intelligence will impact the music business, a federal judge offers one definitive answer.
Nigerian music producer uses AI to create Afrobeats | CNN
A Nigerian Afrobeats producer has used AI technology to create a nine-track music album in just three days, as Stephanie Busari reports.
Humane will share more about its mysterious “Ai Pin” the same day as October’s eclipse
We still have a lot of questions about the device.
Communication using thought alone? Unbabel unveils AI project to give us superhuman capabilities | TechCrunch
Unbabel, a language translation company, has developed a wearable device called Halo that allows users to communicate using their thoughts.
AI models are powerful, but are they biologically plausible?
Researchers hypothesize that a powerful type of AI model known as a transformer could be implemented in the brain through networks of neuron and astrocyte cells. The work could offer insights into how the brain works and help scientists understand why transformers are so effective at machine-learnin…
Retail Redefined: AI’s Affinity For Personalized Engagement
The retail industry stands on the brink of a radical transformation, driven by the remarkable capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI).
The best ChatGPT courses you can take online for free this month
Do not fear AI. Learn how to make it work for you.
NYT Bars AI Companies From Using Its Content for Algorithm Training
The news media is in the throes of figuring out just how to approach the emergent AI industry.
Is art generated by artificial intelligence real art?
Writer, animator, architect, musician, and mixed-media artist detail the potential value and limit of works produced by AI.
“AI” Hurts Consumers and Workers -- and Isn’t Intelligent
Researchers Alex Hanna and Emily M. Bender call on businesses not to succumb to this artificial “intelligence” hype.
11xAI closes a $2M pre-seed round to create autonomous AI workers | TechCrunch
The company builds automated digital workers that can be used in lieu of human employees.
Amazon adds AI-generated review summaries so you don’t have to read the comments
But you still probably should.
ChatGPT creator says AI advocates are fooling themselves if they think the technology is only going to be good for workers: ‘Jobs are definitely going to go away’
OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, the creator of ChatGPT, has said it’d be “crazy not to be a little afraid of AI.”
Bringing AI Literacy to High Schools
Stanford education researchers collaborated with teachers to develop classroom-ready AI resources for high school instructors across subject areas.
ChatGPT expands its ‘custom instructions’ feature to free users | TechCrunch
OpenAI announced that it’s expanding custom instructions -- a way to give users more control over how ChatGPT responds -- to all users.
Embracing The AI Revolution
In a world where AI has become an integral part of our daily lives, resistance is not only futile but counterproductive.
DARPA launches two-year competition to build AI-powered cyber defenses | TechCrunch
The White House and DARPA are launching a two-year competition to build AI-powered defenses against cyberattacks on open source software.
How Artificial Intelligence Is Helping Today’s Small Businesses
More small businesses are using artificial intelligence effectively, especially as pertains to marketing functions.
AI model can help determine where a patient’s cancer arose
The OncoNPC machine-learning model may help identify sites of origin for cancers whose origins are unknown, which could enable targeted tumor treatments.
A.I. can identify keystrokes by just the sound of your typing and steal information with 95% accuracy, new research shows
Researchers had artificial intelligence listen to the sounds of typing through a phone and over Zoom, with eerie results.
Mozart, Van Gogh, and Bob From Next Door: Creating Art With Artificial Intelligence
The world shifts on its axis again, as now anyone can be an ‘artist’ with the aid of a generative AI text prompt.
How continuous learning keeps leaders relevant in the age of AI | MIT Sloan
Thriving in a work environment facing rapid change requires more than expertise. To distinguish yourself as a leader, cultivate the ability to extract and transfer learning.
AI hacking gets White House backing; some already go rogue
A group of white hat hackers are competing to make AI go rogue – with the backing of the White…
Crypto’s Next Craze? Orbs That Scan Your Eyeballs.
Sam Altman, OpenAI’s chief executive, has started Worldcoin, a cryptocurrency project that aims to scan billions of human irises.

*This was one of several issues discussed in the latest episode of SKY IS BLACK

Catch+Release is building an AI-powered search engine to help brands license user-generated content | TechCrunch
Today, Catch+Release said that it has raised $8M as an extension to its Series A round in 2021 from investors like Accel.
A.I.’s Inroads in Publishing Touch Off Fear, and Creativity
The technology has the potential to affect nearly every aspect of how books are produced — even the act of writing itself.
Google launches Project IDX, a new AI-enabled browser-based development environment | TechCrunch
Google launches Project IDX, a cloud-based AI-driven development environment leveraging AI models like Codey to help developers be productive.
‘It’s already way beyond what humans can do’: will AI wipe out architects?
It’s revolutionising building – but could AI kill off an entire profession? Perhaps not, finds our writer, as he enters a world where Corbusier-style marvels and 500-room hotels are just a click away
The S.E.C.’s Chief Is Worried About A.I.
Gary Gensler, who has studied the consequences of artificial intelligence for years, said that the technology could lead to future financial crises.
Apple has quietly invested billions in generative AI
We haven’t heard much from Apple about generative AI, but it’s almost certainly coming.
“Every single” Amazon team is working on generative AI, says CEO
Amazon wants you to know that it really cares about AI.
What Can You Do When A.I. Lies About You?
People have little protection or recourse when the technology creates and spreads falsehoods about them.
Innovative AI Tool Detects Hidden Heart Disorders From ECG Photos
A new deep learning application provides an automated screening strategy for left ventricular (LV) systolic dysfunction. It can detect previously hidden
Melissa Davis: Can a Radiologist Trust AI?
Howie and Harlan are joined by Melissa Davis, a Yale radiologist and a graduate of Yale SOM’s MBA for Executives program, to discuss the ‘whoa’ moments and the weaknesses she has encountered using artificial intelligence to help interpret scans. Harlan reflects on the slow progress toward a healthca…
Will AI be an economic blessing or curse? History offers clues
If medieval advances in the plough didn’t lift Europe’s peasants out of poverty, it was largely because their rulers took the wealth generated by the new gains in output and used it to build cathedrals instead.
Use AI and Real Brain Power to Build Your Portfolio. A Pro’s Top Tricks.
Asset managers are using artificial intelligence differently than you might think, says Gareth Shepherd, co-head of machine intelligence at Voya Investment Management.
‘It’s destroyed me completely’: Kenyan moderators decry toll of training of AI models
Employees describe the psychological trauma of reading and viewing graphic content, low pay and abrupt dismissals
‘Created By AI’ Warning Labels Are Coming To Social Media
Meta-owned Instagram could soon be adding a notice that would identify when artificial intelligence (AI) has played a role in creating content for the platform
Kevin Systrom talks AI and his post-Instagram social app at TechCrunch Disrupt 2023 | TechCrunch
Kevin Systrom, co-founder of Instagram, will discuss his new AI-driven news app, the future of social media and more at TechCrunch Disrupt 2023.
Assessing Political Bias in Language Models
Researchers develop a new tool to measure how well popular large language models align with public opinion to evaluate bias in chatbots. once took you to ChatGPT. Now, it goes to Elon Musk’s xAI
A nerdy mystery is brewing.
How to use Tripadvisor’s AI-powered assistant to create a travel itinerary
A new way to make the most out of your trips.
AI Could Be Very Useful for Breast Cancer Screenings, Study Finds
A new AI breast cancer screening tool could cut radiologists’ work by 44% and diagnose more women than standard screening practices.
4 Charts That Show Why AI Progress Is Unlikely to Slow Down
Three major inputs are the key to understanding how AI will likely progress
Is Artificial Intelligence Anti-Black?
The rise of artificial intelligence like ChatGPT is ushering in a new era of possibilities. This article examines the anti-blackness baked into our AI systems.
Google is testing an AI tool that can write news articles
Google is testing a tool that uses AI to write news stories and has started pitching it to publications, according to a new report.
Africa Innovation Mradi Research Grants Will Examine AI’s Impact on the Continent
Mozilla is providing grants from $5,000 to $10,000 USD to individuals and organizations studying the impact of AI on communities in Eastern and Southern Africa
150+ Artificial Intelligence Statistics You Need to Know in 2023 - Who is Using It & How?
Up-to-date AI stats about the growth of AI in the workplace, how it will impact businesses, and what people are already using it for.

**REMEMBER: Always check the sources of various AI claims.

The state of AI in Nigeria
The state of AI in Nigeria is still in its infancy, but some tech and AI experts have come up with strategies To promote AI innovation in the country. Find out what they are here.
AI-Powered Video Tools to Make Videos in One Take
From AI video script writing to teleprompter software, easily create and edit videos in minutes. Recording videos is a breeze with Vimeo’s AI-powered features.
3 ways to build A.I. skills even if you don’t work in tech: ‘Suddenly your employability options go through the roof’
Even those who don’t work in tech could benefit from learning how to use artificial intelligence in their line of work.
The Man Who Wrote the AI Doomer Bible
Richard Rhodes wrote a classic book about Oppenheimer and the atomic bomb. AI researchers are eager to see themselves in it.
Apple is testing a ChatGPT-like AI chatbot | TechCrunch
Apple is developing artificial intelligence tools to challenge Open AI, Google and others, according to a new report.
‘An evolution in propaganda’: a digital expert on AI influence in elections
Renée DiResta of the Stanford Internet Observatory speaks about how the challenges of partisanship and trust are exacerbated by new technologies
British political candidate uses artificial intelligence to draw up election manifesto
An independent candidate for a U.K. Parliament has turned to artificial intelligence to come up with his campaign promises
An AI system to figure out when to trust AI-based medical diagnoses
A team of AI and medical specialists working with or for Google Research and Google DeepMind, has developed an AI based system designed to judge the confidence level of existing AI systems used for analyzing medical scans as a means of improving analysis of diagnostic tools, such as mammograms or ch…
How AI Might Change the Way We Supply and Consume Energy
Building better batteries. Improving policy-making. Matching supply and demand more accurately. Artificial intelligence may make it easier to arrive at a greener future.
OpenAI launches customized instructions for ChatGPT | TechCrunch
OpenAI today launched custom instructions for users of ChatGPT so they don’t have to prompt the chatbot every time to set context.
How Will Artificial Intelligence Affect Investing?
Evaluating its potential targets: portfolio managers, financial advisors, and investment researchers.
AI could promote ‘financial instability’ — Morning Brew
It could “play a central role” in a “future financial crisis,” SEC head Gary Gensler said.
‘Training My Replacement’: Inside a Call Center Worker’s Battle With A.I.
To many people, chatbots and other technology feel like a ticking time bomb, sure to explode their work. But to some, the threat is already here.

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Maybe showing off an AI-generated fake TV episode during a writers’ strike is a bad idea | TechCrunch
It’s a complex time to be in media — but it doesn’t take much to see this is probably a bad time to show off an AI that makes whole TV shows.
Wikipedia’s Moment of Truth
Can the online encyclopedia help teach A.I. chatbots to get their facts right — without destroying itself in the process?
James Cameron Is More Worried About an AI Apocalypse Than an AI Movie Script for Now
“I warned you guys in 1984 and you didn’t listen,” however, is a Cameron quote that goes incredibly hard, even if it is about our potential doom.
Why some celebrities are embracing Artificial Intelligence deepfakes
Concerns over the impact of AI are partly behind the first Hollywood actors’ strike in 43 years.
Council Post: How Artificial Intelligence Is Revolutionizing Stock Investing
Investors no longer need to rely solely on human analysis and gut instincts to make investment decisions.
The NeverEnding Game: How AI Will Create a New Category of Games | Andreessen Horowitz
We believe the largest opportunity long-term is in leveraging AI to change not just how we create games, but the nature of the games themselves.
U.N. Officials Urge Regulation of Artificial Intelligence
Security Council members said they feared that a new technology might prove a major threat to world peace.
Common Sense Media, a popular resource for parents, to review AI products’ suitability for kids | TechCrunch
Common Sense, a well-known nonprofit organization devoted to consumer privacy, digital citizenship and providing media ratings for parents who want to evaluate the apps, games, podcasts, TV shows, movies, and books their children are consuming, announced this morning it will introduce another type o…
Meta and Microsoft release Llama 2, an AI language model for commercial use | Engadget
Meta and Microsoft have unveiled a next-gen AI model, Llama 2, with a focus on responsibility…
OpenAI Worries About What Its Chatbot Will Say About People’s Faces
An advanced version of ChatGPT can analyze images and is already helping the blind. But its ability to put a name to a face is one reason the public doesn’t have access to it.
A Humanistic View Of Artificial Intelligence
Traits and behaviors like sympathy, empathy, regret, joy, hope, optimism, pride, originality, intuition, and even humor are characteristics of human life – and, ultimately, more galvanizing than technical power.
Thousands of authors urge AI companies to stop using work without permission
Nora Roberts, Viet Thanh Nguyen, Michael Chabon and Margaret Atwood are among those signing an Authors Guild letter asking artificial intelligence companies to get permission or offer compensation.
Black Artists Say A.I. Shows Bias, With Algorithms Erasing Their History
Tech companies acknowledge machine-learning algorithms can perpetuate discrimination and need improvement.
What is Claude 2? How to access this ChatGPT competitor.
It’s a decent alternative, and it’s easy to use.
Causaly, an AI platform for drug discovery and biomedical research, raises $60M
London startup Causaly has built an AI platform to help researchers accelerate the development and testing of drugs.
MIT study: ChatGPT increases productivity for human workers
Hard data that ChatGPT helps with work.
Can A.I. Invent?
A group of legal experts are pressing patent agencies, courts and policymakers to address the question as generative A.I. seems on the brink of invading another uniquely human endeavor.
How to Use Generative AI Tools While Still Protecting Your Privacy
Here’s how to take some control of your data while using artificial intelligence tools and apps.
Bizarre AI proposal from studios helps explain SAG strike
Streaming and AI are among the biggest contributors to the decision to strike.
How Christopher Nolan Learned to Stop Worrying and Love AI
The Oppenheimer director says AI is not the bomb. His new movie might still scare you shitless.
MLCommons launches a new platform to benchmark AI medical models | TechCrunch
MLCommons, the industry consortium developing benchmarks to test AI models, has developed a platform for evaluating AI medical models.
Elon Musk Launches xAI, His New Artificial-Intelligence Company
Musk has been recruiting researchers to try to create a rival to OpenAI, the AI company behind the viral chatbot ChatGPT.
What to Know About ChatGPT’s New Code Interpreter Feature
Graphs, maps and data analyses? Now ChatGPT can do even more.
AI Won’t Really Kill Us All, Will It?
The AI doomers are trying to scare us. Here is what we should really be worried about.
ChatGPT Comes Under Investigation by Federal Trade Commission
The agency is investigating whether OpenAI’s chatbot has harmed individuals by publishing false information about them.
Google’s Bard AI chatbot has learned to talk | Engadget
Google’s Bard gained a handful of new features and functions Thursday in the chatbot AI’s latest round of updates, including 40 new languages and the ability to speak!.
Voice cloning platform Resemble AI lands $8M
Resemble AI, a platform using AI to clone voices, ostensibly in an ethical way, has raised $8 million in a venture funding round.
Opinion | A.I. Could Solve Some of Humanity’s Hardest Problems. It Already Has.
Demis Hassabis, the chief executive of DeepMind, discusses how A.I. systems can accelerate scientific research.
The Perils of Artificial Romance
Currently, numerous companies provide comparable AI companionship services powered by generative AI, akin to Replika AI
AI Startup Alphasense Raising Funds at $2.5 Billion Valuation
Alphasense Inc., a market-research and data firm powered by artificial intelligence, is in the process of raising funding at a $2.5 billion valuation, people familiar with the matter said.
Stability AI releases Stable Doodle, a sketch-to-image tool
Stability has released a new tool through Clipdrop, the AI art platform it acquired recently, that turns sketches into artwork.
Robots say they won’t steal jobs, rebel against humans
Robots presented at an AI forum said on Friday they expected to increase in number and help solve global problems, and would not steal humans’ jobs or rebel against us.
Humans Are Biased. Generative AI Is Even Worse
Text-to-image models amplify stereotypes about race and gender — here’s why that matters
Trevor Noah on the Future of Entertainment and AI
What if every TV show could be perfectly tailored to each viewer’s interests, knowledge level, and needs? Reid Hoffman and Aria Finger sit down with Trevor N…
How to report better on artificial intelligence
<p>In the past few months we have been deluged with headlines about new AI tools and how much they are going to change society. Some reporters have done amazing work holding the companies developing AI accountable, but many struggle to report on this new technology in a fair and accurate way. We—…
How To Leverage AI And Use ChatGPT In Your Job Search, According To Résumé Writers And Career Coaches
Here’s what career coaches are saying about the benefits of ChatGPT and some of its challenges.
The first fully A.I.-generated drug enters clinical trials in human patients
This week, generative AI hit a new milestone: The first fully AI-generated drug reached clinical trials in human patients.
OpenAI is forming a new team to bring ‘superintelligent’ AI under control
OpenAI says that it’s forming a new team, led by its chief scientist, to discover technical ways to align “superintelligent” AI with human intentions.
Microsoft’s Satya Nadella Is Betting Everything on AI
The CEO can’t imagine life without artificial intelligence—even if it’s the last thing invented by humankind.
Secretive hardware startup Humane’s first product is the Ai Pin
Humane, the secretive startup co-founded by ex-Apple engineers and software developers, has revealed details about its first product, the Ai Pin.
A.I. Is Coming for Mathematics, Too
For thousands of years, mathematicians have adapted to the latest advances in logic and reasoning. Are they ready for artificial intelligence?
Authors Sue OpenAI Claiming Mass Copyright Infringement of Hundreds of Thousands of Novels
Courts are wrestling with the legality of using copyrighted works to train AI systems.
How ChatGPT and Other LLMs Work—and Where They Could Go Next
Large language models like AI chatbots seem to be everywhere. If you understand them better, you can use them better.
The best films about AI – ranked!
Will artificial intelligence destroy humanity? That remains to be seen. For now, gen up on the dangers and delights with this selection of movies
Arnold Schwarzenegger: James Cameron’s ‘Terminator’ Predicted the Rise of A.I.
“It has become a reality,” Schwarzenegger said of the 1984 sci-fi film. “So it’s not any more fantasy or kind of futuristic.”
Typeface, which is building generative AI for brands, raises $100M at a $1B valuation
Typeface, a startup building generative AI tech for the enterprise, has raised $100 million at a $1 billion valuation.
Futuristic airports are coming: AI facial recognition, biometric scanners
A passenger experience “revolution” is coming over the next decade.
A.I. will be greatest leap forward in productivity, says DeepMind co-founder Mustafa Suleyman
Mustafa Suleyman, DeepMind co-founder, joins ‘Closing Bell’ to discuss Inflection AI raising $1.3 billion and how AI will shape the future.
Scriptic scores $5.7M as it expands its phone-first generative AI content library
The immersive storytelling platform raised $5.7 million to expand its catalog of phone-first interactive AI-generated games.
The Senate doesn’t need to start from scratch on AI legislation
America already has a blueprint for strong AI laws and a great deal of the knowledge it needs to quickly build the guardrails around AI that Senator Schumer rightly identified as necessary.
Japan’s new AI rules favor copycats over artists, experts say
Japan has made early moves toward AI regulation. The reaction? Good for developers, less so for artists.
New York employers to start telling applicants when they encounter AI
Other cities and states are expected to replicate NYC’s pioneering law, which some experts say could be cumbersome for employers.
Age of AI: Everything you need to know about artificial intelligence
From the latest developments to relevant terms and companies, here’s everything you need to stay current in the fast-moving field of AI.
How A.I. Is Helping Architects Change Workplace Design
With more hybrid workers and new office needs, firms like Zaha Hadid Architects are turning to artificial intelligence for solutions.
Baseball Scouts Call In Artificial Intelligence Help From the Bullpen
Major League Baseball is experimenting with AI analysis of prospects ahead of this year’s draft. It could help identify players’ potential—or flaws.
Inflection lands $1.3B investment to build more ‘personal’ AI
Inflection AI, an AI startup aiming to build more ‘personal’ AI assistants, has raised $1.3 billion at a $4 billion valuation.
Announcing the 5th annual VentureBeat AI Innovation Awards at VB Transform 2023
VentureBeat’s annual flagship event, Transform, will focus on getting ahead of the generative AI revolution and presenting its AI innovation awards.
Microsoft is already offering a generative AI certification program | Engadget
Although Big Tech is still (sometimes clumsily) figuring out generative AI’s ethics and implications, the genie is out of the bottle, and the technology is already integrating into the workforce.
‘The future is bleak’: how AI concerns are shaping graduate career choices
From illustration to translation, young people worry that they will have to choose their paths carefully
Slang taps AI to answer phone calls for brick-and-mortar businesses
Slang, which is developing tech to help brick-and-mortar businesses field phone calls, has emerged from stealth with $20 million.
Buolamwini: Optimistic About Using Ethical AI Systems
Algorithmic Justice League founder and MIT AI Researcher Joy Buolamwini recently sat down with President Biden in a closed door meeting about AI. She joins Ed Ludlow to discuss her meeting and the rise of the AI hype, what the tech industry is getting right and wrong, and the need for AI regulation.…
In Classrooms, Teachers Put A.I. Tutoring Bots to the Test
Newark public schools are cautiously trying out a new automated teaching aid from Khan Academy. The preliminary report card: “could use improvement.”
Cyera raises $100M to expand data security platform for AI-driven enterprises
With this latest funding round, Cyera has raised a total of $160 million for its data security platform for enterprises driven by AI.
WSJ News Exclusive | Databricks Strikes $1.3 Billion Deal for Generative AI Startup MosaicML
Databricks has agreed to buy generative AI startup MosaicML in a deal valued at roughly $1.3 billion, a move aimed at capturing the fast-growing demand from businesses to build their own ChatGPT-like tools.
ChatGPT prompts: How to optimize for sales, marketing, writing and more
To help folks both new to ChatGPT and looking to learn new tips, we’ve compiled a list of the best ChatGPT prompts for any type of workflow.
How Easy Is It to Fool A.I.-Detection Tools?
We tested five services that claim to detect what is real and what isn’t.
‘If artificial intelligence creates better art, what’s wrong with that?’ Top Norwegian investor and art collector Nicolai Tangen
The head investor of Norway’s sovereign wealth fund worries more about AI affecting the country’s portfolio than his own collection of paintings
BentoML scores $9M funding to expedite AI app development
The success of large language models like GPT has sparked a frenzy of developers eager to make AI-powered applications. But building AI services can be tricky, especially due to the shortage of skilled developers to meet the rising demand these days. That’s where Chaoyu Yang, an early software engin…
New AI fear: Making it easy for anyone to mint dangerous new viruses
What was once the province of governments could quickly get out of control thanks to new AI tools.
Artists are upset that ‘Secret Invasion’ used AI art for opening credits
AI has played a role in other Disney content, but this is the first time a Marvel TV show has used the technology.
Samuel L. Jackson Explained Why He Added A Clause About AI To His Contracts A Long Time Ago
“Future actors should do what I always do when I get a contract.”
Vimeo intros a trio of AI-powered editing features
Vimeo is introducing new AI-powered features aimed at lowering the barrier to entry for novice video creators.
Why OpenAI CEO Sam Altman Is Pushing Past Doubts
OpenAI is one of TIME’s most influential companies of 2023
Inside the AI Factory
How many humans does it take to make tech seem human? Millions.
MIDNATT is HYBE’s first AI-powered artist. Here’s how the project was brought to life.
Using multilingual pronunciation correction technology, an artist can now communicate with billions of people around the world.
5 tips for business leaders to leverage the real potential of generative AI
5 tips for getting started using generative AI to gain business advantages as new models, chips and dev services are fueling wide adoption
CS50 Will Integrate Artificial Intelligence Into Course Instruction | News | The Harvard Crimson
This year, students who enroll in Computer Science 50: Introduction to Computer Science, Harvard’s flagship coding course, will have a new learning tool at their disposal: artificial intelligence.
AI’s hidden toll on our brains
Data shows Americans were already frustrated and worried about misinformation even before the AI boom.
How AI Puts Elections at Risk — And the Needed Safeguards
Widely accessible artificial intelligence tools could fuel the rampant spread of disinformation and create other hazards to democracy.
Europeans Take a Major Step Toward Regulating A.I.
A draft law in the European Parliament has become the world’s most far-reaching attempt to address the potentially harmful effects of artificial intelligence.
What is AI, is it dangerous and what jobs are at risk?
AI is transforming modern life, but some experts fear it could be used for malicious purposes.
Pieter Abbeel and Ken Goldberg on generative AI applications
Actuator: Pieter Abbeel and Ken Goldberg on generative AI applications, sweaters for robots and some light lanternfly extermination.
US mother gets call from ‘kidnapped daughter’ – but it’s really an AI scam
Jennifer DeStefano tells US Senate about dangers of artificial technology after receiving phone call from scammers sounding exactly like her daughter
You’ll be able to have a conversation with your Mercedes thanks to built-in ChatGPT
Mercedes says its AI-powered voice assistant will be able to respond to “complex questions” and recommend dinner recipes.
Hey, Alexa, What Should Students Learn About A.I.?
While schools debate what to teach students about powerful new A.I. tools, tech giants, universities and nonprofits are intervening with free lessons.
13 top A.I. innovators shaping how the tech will impact our lives
Meet the people developing artificial intelligence, and fighting over the proper—and safest—way to roll out the technology.
AI-powered church service in Germany draws a large crowd
“I was positively surprised how well it worked,” said one attendee.
Paul McCartney: “Final” Beatles song out this year, thanks to AI
Machine learning tech pioneered for “Get Back” will bring Lennon song to life. Here’s how.
Will AI ever replace teachers? | CNN
Technologies like AI robots and chatbots are shaking up the world of education. CNN meets Professor Rose Luckin, who has spent years researching the benefits and pitfalls of AI in the classroom, and explains what the future might look like for students.
‘Mrs. Davis’ Versus AI: Here’s What Happened When ChatGPT Interviewed Damon Lindelof, Tara Hernandez and Betty Gilpin
ChatGPT might very well take my job one day. Which is why it was probably a bad idea to give it a job interviewing the creators and star of Peacock’s offbeat limited series “Mrs. Davis.” But the gi…
Signal’s Meredith Whittaker: ‘These are the people who could actually pause AI if they wanted to’
The president of the not-for-profit messaging app on how she believes existential warnings about AI allow big tech to entrench their power, and why the online safety bill may be unworkable
Google Claims Its AI Can Guess How a Shirt Will Fit on Every Body Type
And other features: Google Lens will try to identify your weird skin conditions, and a Search AI beta will crown or critique restaurants based on user reviews.
ChatGPT Is Unoriginal—and Exactly What Humans Need
The technology can help cut through buzzwordy “solutions” and serve as a shortcut for jumpstarting creativity.
In Milan, Putting an A.I. Travel Adviser to the Test
On her first visit to the northern Italian city, our reporter compares the itineraries of two travel advisers: one virtual, the other human. Here’s what she found.
Have You Considered Using ChatGPT to Plan Your Next Trip? Here’s How to Plan a Trip Using AI
No matter how sophisticated ChatGPT is, it’s still a machine.
Silicon Valley Confronts the Idea That the ‘Singularity’ Is Here
The frenzy over artificial intelligence may be ushering in the long-awaited moment when technology goes wild. Or maybe it’s the hype that is out of control.
AI’s Influence Is Growing In The Dating World. Will It Connect Us, Or Divide Us?
Ask any single person and they’ll tell you, straight up, that dating sucks. For the past decade, dating has relied on technology as the number one tool used to search for love with Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge reigning supreme. Now, we’re onto a new technological chapter in the world of love: artificia…
Yes, ChatGPT Is Coming for Your Office Job
White-collar workers may soon face the AI disruption everyone’s been panicking about. But the news may be better than you think.

Beyond Formal Qualification: The Future of Work & Artificial Intelligence |Sthembiso Phakathi |Ep 08

New A.I. Chatbot Tutors Could Upend Student Learning
Proponents see the tools as a way to automatically customize academic support. They could also make children test subjects for A.I. experiments.
UC Berkeley AI Hackathon
Get ready to kick off the summer with an unparalleled experience, where the brightest collegiate minds from around the world will come together to innovate, collaborate, and revolutionize the AI landscape.
Google, OpenAI will share AI models with the UK government | Engadget
The UK says AI leaders like Google and OpenAI will share AI models to help with research and safety…
Is it real or made by AI? Europe wants a label for that as it fights disinformation
Officials in the E.U., which also is bringing in a separate set of rules this year to safeguard people from harmful online content, are worried that they need to act faster to keep up with the rapid development of generative AI.
How Much Can Duolingo Teach Us?
The company’s founder, Luis von Ahn, believes that artificial intelligence is going to make computers better teachers than humans.
As AI-Enabled Cheating Roils Colleges, Professors Turn to an Ancient Testing Method
Professors around the world are experimenting with oral exams to improve teaching and learning and to discourage cheating.
AI Analyzes the Social Work Licensing Exam, Concerns Deepen
Computer-generated answers were more accurate than the “correct” ones in licensing exams for the nation’s social workers, researchers say.
The AI Killer Robots Are Here, According to Lazy Journalists
Misaligned incentives and old fashioned greed are just as bad for journalism, if not worse, than chatbots.
Big Tech’s latest AI doomsday warning might be more of the same hype
On Tuesday, a group including some of AI’s leading minds proclaimed that we are facing an ‘extinction crisis.’
They Plugged GPT-4 Into Minecraft—and Unearthed New Potential for AI
The bot plays the video game by tapping the text generator to pick up new skills, suggesting that the tech behind ChatGPT could automate many workplace tasks.
AG Introduces New Publishing Agreement Clauses Concerning AI - The Authors Guild
The Authors Guild is introducing four new model clauses concerning AI to its Model Trade Book Contract and Model Literary Translation Contract. In addition to the recent clause preventing the use of books in training generative AI without an author’s […]
AI Doomerism Is a Decoy
Big Tech’s warnings about an AI apocalypse are distracting us from years of actual harms their products have caused.
Artificial Intelligence Will Entrench Global Inequality
The debate about regulating AI urgently needs input from the global south.
Will A.I. Become the New McKinsey?
As it’s currently imagined, the technology promises to concentrate wealth and disempower workers. Is an alternative possible?
Kempner Institute Announces Recipients of Inaugural Graduate Student Fellowships
Cambridge, MA – The Kempner Institute for the Study of Natural and Artificial Intelligence today announced the names of the 22 students chosen as the inaugural cohort of Kempner Graduate Fellows. This year’s recipients include eight incoming and fourteen continuing graduate students enrolled across…
All the major generative AI tools that could enhance your worklife in 2023
What are they, how do they work, and when can get your (human) hands on them?
Character.AI, the a16z-backed chatbot startup, tops 1.7M installs in first week
Demand for AI via consumer mobile apps has been climbing, with market leader OpenAI’s ChatGPT mobile app topping half a million downloads in its first six days. Now, another AI app is touting its own launch success, as the a16z-backed Character.AI app is claiming to have pulled in over 1.7 million n…
Why Cedars-Sinai Is Investing in a New Center To Research AI in Medicine
Co-director Tiffani Bright tells dot.LA medical AIs often are “helping patients who are white, but harming patients who are Black.”
I asked ChatGPT to build me a workout plan for a bigger butt
Can a chatbot be your personal trainer? For one month, I followed an AI-generated exercise program to find out.
I Asked AI Chatbots to Help Me Shop. They All Failed
I test products and write reviews for my job. So I asked ChatGPT, Bard, and Bing Chat to recommend headphones—and I saw exactly where the AI falls short.
AI is taking the jobs of Kenyans who write essays for U.S. college students
Ghostwriters say the meteoric rise of ChatGPT has coincided with a drop in income.
MyHeritage debuts Reimagine, an AI app for scanning, fixing and even animating old photos
Genealogy company MyHeritage is using AI to make it easier for families to preserve their memories with the launch of its latest app, Reimagine.
AI Deepfakes of True-Crime Victims Are a Waking Nightmare
TikTok accounts are posting horrifying artificial intelligence-generated clips of murder victims — mostly children — describing their own ghastly demise
EU tech chief sees draft voluntary AI code within weeks
EU tech chief Margrethe Vestager said on Wednesday she believed a draft code of conduct on artificial intelligence (AI) could be drawn up within weeks, allowing industry to commit to a final proposal “very, very soon”.
Watch this Nvidia demo and imagine actually speaking to AI game characters
Emphasis on “imagine.”
A lawyer used ChatGPT for legal filing. The chatbot cited nonexistent cases it just made up
The lawyer now may face sanctions for submitting the bogus cases.
Artificial intelligence could lead to extinction, experts warn
Heads of OpenAI, Google Deepmind and Anthropic say the threat is as great as pandemics and nuclear war.
Runaway AI Is an Extinction Risk, Experts Warn
A new statement from industry leaders cautions that artificial intelligence poses a threat to humanity on par with nuclear war or a pandemic.
The Brilliant Math Coach Teaching America’s Kids to Outsmart AI
This professor is traveling the country with simple advice for an uncertain future: Be more human.
AI Can Help You Ask Better Questions — and Solve Bigger Problems
Most companies still view AI rather narrowly, as a tool that alleviates the costs and inefficiencies of repetitive human labor and increasing organizations’ capacity to produce, process, and analyze piles and piles of data. But when paired with “soft” inquiry-related skills it can help people ask be…
An A.I.-Generated Film Depicts Human Loneliness, in “Thank You for Not Answering”
The artist Paul Trillo thinks of the A.I. filmmaking tools he used as “co-directing” the evocative short.
Opinion | What Would Happen if a Robot Tried to Write ‘Law & Order’?
Some Hollywood producers dream of a future where chatbots do the writing. Be careful what you wish for.
Google’s Bard AI Chatbot Now Available in Ethiopia - Shega
Tech giant Google has announced the expansion of its chatbot Bard to over 180 countries, including Ethiopia.
Should Governments Regulate AI?
Is the White House prepared to deal with the remarkable growth of artificial intelligence? What are the current and potential risks to Americans? Join Alondra Nelson, the architect of the White House’s “Blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights,” and formerly the head of the White House’s Science and Techn…
With new grant program, OpenAI aims to crowdsource AI regulation
OpenAI plans to award individuals, teams and organizations grants for developing a process to answer tough questions around AI regulation.
‘There was all sorts of toxic behaviour’: Timnit Gebru on her sacking by Google, AI’s dangers and big tech’s biases
The Ethiopian-born computer scientist lost her job after pointing out the inequalities built into AI. But after decades working with technology companies, she knows all too much about discrimination
AI could be smarter than “experts” in 10 years, OpenAI CEO says
The emergence of “superintelligence” will be impossible to stop, Sam Altman wrote in a blog post.
Tesla Bot can walk very slowly and pick up stuff now
Optimus got some upgrades in the past seven months.
How the technology behind ChatGPT could make mind-reading a reality | CNN Business
On a recent Sunday morning, I found myself in a pair of ill-fitting scrubs, lying flat on my back in the claustrophobic confines of an fMRI machine at a research facility in Austin, Texas. “The things I do for television,” I thought.
White House reveals its next steps toward ‘responsible’ AI development | Engadget
The Biden Administration wants you! To provide feedback about this whole artificial intelligence issue…
OpenAI calling for AI regulation is a solid step in no direction
Now is the time to treat superintelligence like atomic energy, says the ChatGPT company. Here’s why that makes no sense.
All the major Bing Chat and AI announcements from Microsoft Build 2023
Microsoft is continuing to grow its presence in the AI space with a series of new updates and launches. Here’s everything you need to know.
Google introduces Product Studio, a tool that lets merchants create product imagery using generative AI
Google announced that it’s launching Product Studio, which is a new tool that lets merchants create product imagery using generative AI.
A Swedish newspaper is having AI rap its articles in an attempt to get young people interested in the news
Aftonbladet experimented with music-based articles in an effort to appeal to a younger audience — the results were cringe-worthy.
Adobe to integrate AI into Photoshop amid fears of job losses and mass faking of images
Company says Adobe Firefly is a ‘co-pilot’ to graphic design rather than a replacement for humans
Microsoft goes all in on plug-ins for AI apps
Microsoft is launching a new plug-ins framework that’ll allow developers to build extensions for the company’s AI ‘copilots.’
AI startups outpace others in securing funding from VCs
The VentureBeat Job Board features thousands of opportunities in companies that are pioneering the latest advances in AI and ML.
G7 calls for adoption of international technical standards for AI
Leaders of the Group of Seven (G7) nations on Saturday called for the development and adoption of international technical standards for trustworthy artificial intelligence (AI) as lawmakers of the rich countries focus on the new technology.
New AI research lets you click and drag images to manipulate them in seconds
The key advancement is the easy-to-use interface
Stability AI open sources its AI-powered design studio
Stability AI has open sourced its AI-powered design studio, which taps generative AI for image creation and editing.
The Future Of Film Dubbing? ‘Fall’ AI Firm Flawless Partners With XYZ & Tea Shop To Acquire & “Visually Translate” Foreign Language Movies — Cannes Market
EXCLUSIVE: AI is in the eye of the storm in LA right now amid the writers’ strike and is also a talking point at the Cannes Film Festival due to the de-aging of Harrison Ford for Indiana Jone…
The Horrific Content a Kenyan Worker Had to See While Training ChatGPT
The bot that can write anything for you has already taken a human toll.
How con artists use AI, apps, social engineering to target parents, grandparents for theft
Losses from digital theft have doubled over the past two years, according to the FBI. Sharyn Alfonsi shows how cyber scammers are using AI, apps and social engineering to target seniors.
OpenAI to introduce ChatGPT app for iOS
OpenAI, the company behind the ChatGPT chatbot, said on Thursday it is introducing the ChatGPT app for Apple’s iOS.
Sting Forecasts Upcoming Battle Against AI: ‘We Can’t Allow the Machines to Take Over’
Revered musician Sting is unimpressed by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and is predicting an upcoming battle against the technology. “The building blocks of music belong to us, to human beings,…
Microsoft Says New A.I. Shows Signs of Human Reasoning
A provocative paper from researchers at Microsoft claims A.I. technology shows the ability to understand the way people do. Critics say those scientists are kidding themselves.
AI Is Causing Student Artists to Rethink Their Creative Career Plans | KQED
What is the future of the art profession when artificial intelligence can create a masterpiece with just a click?
The AI Apocalypse Is Coming for Hollywood, but Don’t Robots Rule Us Already?
On her way to the picket line, the creator of the beloved hit ‘Dickinson’ waves goodbye to human storytelling.
AI in the Arts Is the Destruction of the Film Industry. We Can’t Go Quietly
If we don’t make strong rules now, they simply won’t notice if we strike in three years, because at that point they won’t need us.
This K-pop artist uses AI to sing in 6 languages
MIDNATT wants to go ‘beyond the physical limitations of K-pop.’
SLAIT pivots from translating sign language to AI-powered interactive lessons
SLAIT School has developed an interactive tutor powered by computer vision, letting aspiring ASL speakers practice at their own rate.
AI Is Speeding Up Astronomical Discoveries
Artificial intelligence has begun helping astronomers tame massive data sets and uncover their secrets, writes a University of Arizona astronomy professor.
Africa’s role in the global AI race is more prominent than you know
Africa’s tech boom is often linked to fintech, but the largest tech acquisition in the continent is AI-focused, says Fatima Tambajang of Nvidia.
3 Unsavory Consequences of Generative AI
The ‘move fast and break things’ standard operating practices are in hyperdrive. Each industry across all sectors are trying their best to…
What if AI could rebuild the middle class?
We spoke with MIT’s David Autor, one of the top labor economists in the world, about how AI could revolutionize the job market.
Apple co-founder says AI may make scams harder to spot
Silicon Valley veteran tells the BBC he thinks AI creations should be clearly labelled.
Google’s A.I. Bonanza and Driverless Car Talk With Cruise C.E.O. Kyle Vogt
Long-awaited tech like A.I., 3-D telepresence and driverless cars is finally reaching the public.
Can AI and creativity coexist?
UCLA professors Jacob Foster and Danny Snelson weigh in on how artificial intelligence might influence and invigorate writing, art and culture.
IATSE Launches Commission To Study Artificial Intelligence, Compares Changes It Will Bring To The Advent Of Talkies
Comparing the changes that artificial intelligence might bring to show business to the advent of talkies, IATSE has launched a commission to study its impact on the entertainment industry and the u…
Google launches a smarter Bard
Google is hoping to reintroduce Bard to a more favorable reception (and like Bing Chat using OpenAI’s GPT-4 on the QT, Bard has been using PaLM 2).
Wendy’s will start using an AI chatbot to take drive-through orders
‘Hey, chatbot can I get two vanilla Frostys?’
New Tool Helps AI and Humans Learn To Code Better
Stanford researchers developed a new framework called Parsel that solves complex coding tasks the way humans do — breaking down big tasks into smaller ones.
Deal Dive: AI relationship coach Amorai offers more questions than answers
Amorai is creating an AI relationship coach but the startup isn’t sharing what it could look like and an AI expert isn’t sure it would work.
I Cloned Myself With AI. She Fooled My Bank and My Family.
Our columnist replaced herself with AI voice and video to see how humanlike the tech can be. The results were eerie.
‘Godfather of AI’ discusses dangers the developing technologies pose to society
This has been a week where concerns over the rapidly expanding use of artificial intelligence resonated loudly in Washington and around the world. Geoffrey Hinton, one of the leading voices in the field of AI, announced he was quitting Google over his worries about what AI could eventually lead to i…
Vintage AI Predictions Show Our Hopes and Fears Aren’t New—Even If the Tech Is
Men and women took a swan dive into neural nets and deep learning long before they had the computing power to make their imaginations a reality.
Making foundation models accessible: The battle between closed and open source AI
We’ve entered a critical phase of AI where who gets to build and serve these powerful models has become an important discussion point.
White House Gathers A.I. Chief Executives to Discuss Risks
Leaders from Google, Microsoft, OpenAI and Anthropic will meet Vice President Kamala Harris and other administration officials.
Biden Administration will invest $140 million to launch seven new National AI Research Institutes | Engadget
The Biden Administration vows to invest $140 million on seven new AI R&D centers and browbeat Big Tech into behaving…
How AI is changing ... everything
Understand how AI tools, like ChatGPT, Stable Diffusion, and DALL-E, are already shaping everything — from text and image generation to how we live and work.
Nova is building guardrails for generative AI content to protect brand integrity
As companies increasingly use generative AI to create marketing content, they need tools to check for brand integrity. Nova is providing them.
How Do We Ensure an A.I. Future That Allows for Human Thriving?
A.I. entrepreneur Gary Marcus thinks the technology is too important to cede to corporate control.
Slack is getting in on the GPT AI trend | Engadget
At its World Tour NYC event, Salesforce has introduced Slack GPT, which it describes as a three-pronged vision that integrates AI features into the business messaging app…
Box is partnering with OpenAI to bring generative AI tools across the platform
Box is the latest enterprise software company to bring generative AI to its platform with content creation and ask-a-question capabilities.
‘The Godfather of A.I.’ Leaves Google and Warns of Danger Ahead
For half a century, Geoffrey Hinton nurtured the technology at the heart of chatbots like ChatGPT. Now he worries it will cause serious harm.
OpenAI closes $300M share sale at $27B-29B valuation
OpenAI, the startup behind the widely used generative AI-backed chatbot ChatGPT, has closed its new funding round of over $10.3 billion.
IBM’s CEO expects A.I. to be so good at back office work that he plans to pause hiring humans for those jobs
Arvind Krishna’s plan marks one of the largest workforce strategies announced in response to the rapidly advancing technology.
PrivateAI’s PrivateGPT aims to combat ChatGPT privacy concerns
PrivateAI announces the launch of PrivateGPT, a solution designed to mask sensitive data submitted to ChatGPT.
Samsung bans use of generative AI tools like ChatGPT after April internal data leak
Samsung bans the use of generative AI tools, including ChatGPT, on company-owned devices and internal networks, Bloomberg reports.
The UK will spend £100 million to develop its own ‘sovereign’ AI | Engadget
The UK is spending £100 million on a taskforce to help it become an AI leader…
G7 should adopt ‘risk-based’ AI regulation, ministers say
Group of Seven advanced nations should adopt “risk-based” regulation on artificial intelligence, their digital ministers agreed on Sunday, as European lawmakers hurry to introduce an AI Act to enforce rules on emerging tools such as ChatGPT.
EU proposes new copyright rules for generative AI
Companies deploying generative AI tools, such as ChatGPT, will have to disclose any copyrighted material used to develop their systems, according to an early EU agreement that could pave the way for the world’s first comprehensive laws governing the technology.

Hear Greg Brockman's TED Talk, explaining the origin of ChatGPT.

At TED2023, AI Takes Center Stage
This year’s TED Talks explore the potential of AI on business and culture from multiple perspectives as the organization aims to drive “conversations that matter” around the topic on everyone’s mind.
Ai for Africans, by Africans, solving African problems
Discover AI for Africans, by Africans, solving African problems. Get access to context-specific, AI-powered products to solve complex problems and make an impact. Our cutting-edge research and responsible AI practices ensure secure, ethical, and fair solutions. Join us in bringing together AI’s brig…
Why ChatGPT lies in some languages more than others
AI models like ChatGPT seem to be more likely to spout misinformation in some languages than others. Why is that?
This A.I. Used Brain Scans to Recreate Images People Saw
The technology, which was tested with four people, is still in its infancy but could one day help people communicate or decode dreams, researchers say
ChatGPT Can Help Doctors—and Hurt Patients
The chatbot is tempting physicians with its ability to spout medical information, but researchers warn against trusting AI with tough ethical decisions.
What’s AGI, and Why Are AI Experts Skeptical?
ChatGPT and other bots have revived conversations on artificial general intelligence. Scientists say algorithms won’t surpass you any time soon.
‘60 Minutes’ Made a Shockingly Wrong Claim About a Google AI
With the nascent AI boom, misinformation about the emerging tech is running rampant—and the media is partly to blame.
AI’s pandemonium leaves global leaders scrambling
As officials from Washington to Brussels to Beijing scramble to put new checks on the technology, getting them aligned is emerging as its own big challenge.
People Are Using AI for Therapy, Even Though ChatGPT Wasn’t Built for It
Some users see it as a way to supplement traditional mental health services, despite troubling privacy implications.
Musicians, Machines, and the AI-Powered Future of Sound
Fears that computers could replace composers are real. But some music-makers are finding ways to harness generative AI creatively.
Europe spins up AI research hub to apply accountability rules on Big Tech
As the European Union gears up to enforce a major reboot of its digital rulebook in a matter of months, a new dedicated research unit is being spun up to support oversight of large platforms under the bloc’s flagship Digital Services Act
The 25 Questions You Need to Ask Yourself Now That ChatGPT Is Here
Artificial intelligence raises all sorts of issues that we’re only beginning to address. There’s a lot to work out.
AI-Generated Music Is About to Flood Streaming Platforms
There are already countless songs on Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud. And as tunes become easier to create, anyone can add to the copyright din.
Finally, a realistic roadmap for getting AI companies in check
It’s time for AI regulators to move fast and break things.
ChatGPT can resume in Italy if meets data watchdog’s demands
Italy’s data protection agency set out a list of demands on Wednesday which it said OpenAI must meet by April 30 to address the agency’s concerns over the ChatGPT chatbot and allow the artificial intelligence service to resume in the country.
Daily Crunch: Amazon’s new Bedrock cloud service lets developers incorporate generative AI
Hello, friends, and welcome to Daily Crunch, bringing you the most important startup, tech and venture capital news in a single package.
Elon Musk invests in Twitter AI project after warning about the dangers of AI
Musk called for a months-long pause on AI development just last month.

Learn more about BLACK IN AI

This startup wants to train art-generating AI strictly on licensed images
Bria claims to be one of the first companies training AI models on entirely licensed data, mainly art and photos.
General Purpose AI Poses Serious Risks, Should Not Be Excluded From the EU’s AI Act | Policy Brief
A policy brief signed by 57 institutional and individual signatories, arguing that Europe should regulate “general purpose AI” (GPAI) as “high risk” under the forthcoming AI Act.
Unpicking the rules shaping generative AI
Read on for an overview of some of the main areas where laws are already being flexed and tested in response to generative AI’s fast-scaling automated outputs, as well as incoming rules which are set to slot bespoke guardrails around AI apps.
"The annual report tracks, collates, distills, and visualizes data relating to artificial intelligence, enabling decision-makers to take meaningful action to advance AI responsibly and ethically with humans in mind."
Biden says tech companies must ensure AI products are safe for individuals, national security
President Joe Biden met with his council of advisers on science and technology about the “risks and opportunities” that rapid advancements in artificial intelligence development pose for individual users and national security.
Senate leader Schumer unveils plans to crack down on AI
Schumer’s proposal comes amid a call for more regulations around generative AI technology after the launch of OpenAI’s ChatGPT.
Someone Asked an Autonomous AI to ‘Destroy Humanity’: This Is What Happened
ChaosGPT has been prompted to “establish global dominance” and “attain immortality.” This video shows exactly the steps it’s taking to do so.
AI is flooding the workplace, and workers love it
Who’s afraid of ChatGPT? Not these workers.
Who’s Winning The Chatbot Race? These Companies —From Meta To Alibaba—Have All Introduced AI-Powered Programs
These chatbots have the ability to perform multiple tasks, from writing code and emails, to creating trip itineraries and business proposals.
Anthropic’s $5B, 4-year plan to take on OpenAI
AI research startup Anthropic aims to raise as much as $5 billion over the next two years to take on rival OpenAI.
Can AI answer your money questions? We put chatbots to the test
Face it, we could all use a little help with our money. So who better to ask for personal finance advice than a couple of the most powerful chatbots on the planet?
Why AI doesn’t speak every language
It could learn them all. But will it?
India opts against AI regulation
India will not regulate the growth of AI within the South Asian market and has identified AI as a “significant and strategic” area.
AI-powered search engine Perplexity AI lands $26M, launches iOS app
Perplexity AI, an AI-powered startup taking on massive rivals like Google, has raised significant venture capital from well-known investors.

"We are at the iPhone moment of AI." Spoken at the Nvidia GTC Conference.

Here’s how many U.S. workers ChatGPT says it could replace
An outplacement firm asked the artificial intelligence bot how many humans it thinks it will put out of work.
How To Leverage AI And Use ChatGPT In Your Job Search, According To Résumé Writers And Career Coaches
Here’s what career coaches are saying about the benefits of ChatGPT and some of its challenges.
Ask a Caltech Expert: AI for Personalized Medicine
Azita Emami discusses how her lab incorporates artificial intelligence (AI) into medical devices to improve health and enhance quality of life.
Daily Crunch: AWS now accepting applications for its new 10-week generative AI accelerator
Hello, friends, and welcome to Daily Crunch, bringing you the most important startup, tech and venture capital news in a single package.
Hugging Face hosts ‘Woodstock of AI,’ emerges as leading voice for open-source AI development
Hugging Face drew more than 5,000 people to a local meetup celebrating open-source technology at the Exploratorium in downtown San Francisco.
Meta wants to use generative AI to create ads
Meta’s CTO said the company wants to use generative AI to create ads, and it wants to debut this tech by the end of this year.
Hollywood’s AI Anxiety Is Showing
After a cautious approach to ChatGPT-type products, guilds and creators are becoming more vocal about limiting AI’s influence in entertainment.
Generative AI Platform for CX Automation | Forethought
Unlock efficiency by automating your customer support with generative AI, lowering support costs while providing top-tier service in every customer interaction.
Three ways AI chatbots are a security disaster
Large language models are full of security vulnerabilities, yet they’re being embedded into tech products on a vast scale.
The DAIR Institute
We are an interdisciplinary and globally distributed AI research institute.

Statement from the listed authors of Stochastic Parrots on the “AI pause” letter.

Click here to learn more, and read the response.
Elon Musk and Others Call for Pause on A.I., Citing ‘Profound Risks to Society’
More than 1,000 tech leaders, researchers and others signed an open letter urging a moratorium on the development of the most powerful artificial intelligence systems.
Pause Giant AI Experiments: An Open Letter - Future of Life Institute
We call on all AI labs to immediately pause for at least 6 months the training of AI systems more powerful than GPT-4.
The Open Letter to Stop ‘Dangerous’ AI Race Is a Huge Mess
The letter has been signed by Elon Musk, Steve Wozniak, Andrew Yang, and leading AI researchers, but many experts and even signatories disagreed.
Policy makers: Please don’t fall for the distractions of #AIhype
Below is a lightly edited version of the tweet/toot thread I put together in the evening of Tuesday March 28, in reaction to the open…
An early guide to policymaking on generative AI
How lawmakers are thinking about the risks of the latest tech revolution
AI startup Fourthline locks down $54M to bring better ID checks and compliance tools to the finance sector
Fourthline has built AI-based solutions to help with identity verification, help businesses comply with anti-money laundering rules and more.
OpenAI announces GPT-4
AI just leveled up.
Get to know the new GPT-4. Watch now.
ChatGPT Changed Everything. Now Its Follow-Up Is Here.
Behold GPT-4. Here’s what we know it can do, and what it can’t.
AI: How ‘freaked out’ should we be?
Artificial intelligence will radically change our lives, for better and worse. Experts are worried.
1,100+ notable signatories just signed an open letter asking ‘all AI labs to immediately pause for at least 6 months’
Signatories including Elon Musk, Steve Wozniak, and Tristan Harris are asking AI labs to pause building AI more powerful than GPT-4.
AI with a Human Face
All companies want to provide their customers with richer and more engaging experiences. The challenge is how to scale the experiences in a way that does not depersonalize or commodify them. Enter the digital human. Rapid progress in computer graphics, coupled with advances in AI, is putting humanli…
A comprehensive list of 2023 tech layoffs
Here you’ll find a complete list of all the known layoffs in tech, from Big Tech to startups, broken down by month throughout 2023.
It takes a few dollars and 8 minutes to create a deepfake. And that’s only the start
Powerful artificial intelligence tools that can create video, audio, text and pictures are raising fears the technology will supercharge disinformation and propaganda by bad actors.
Why You Fell for the Fake Pope Coat
The pope didn’t actually wear that great jacket, but a lot of people were ready to believe he did.
AI for the People | The Future of Racial Justice AI for the People
AI for the People sees algorithmic bias as the biggest civil rights issue of our time
Need a professional headshot? Let AI do it (at your own risk).
Who is this person? Because it’s not me.
How to Become an Expert on A.I.
Part 1 of our weeklong series.
Opinion | ChatGPT Is Parroting Myths About Slavery
The history of slavery in America is too complicated for the likes of ChatGPT and Google.
Missed the Stochastic Parrots anniversary event? Check it out now.
Google just launched Bard, its answer to ChatGPT—and it wants you to make it better
Under pressure from its rivals, Google is updating the way we look for information by introducing a sidekick to its search engine.
OpenAI connects ChatGPT to the internet
OpenAI has launched plugins for ChatGPT, its viral AI-powered chatbot, including a plugin that provides web access.
Cerebras Publishes 7 Trained Generative AI Models To Open Source
The AI company Cerebras Systems, announced it has trained and is releasing a series of seven GPT-based large language models (LLMs) for open use by the research community.
We’re One Step Closer to AI Handling Zoom Meetings for Us
OpenAI’s artificial intelligence is coming to Zoom in April to improve employees’ organizational skills.
Jigso is building an AI assistant to surface the data employees need automatically
Jigso is an early stage startup building an AI assistant to help workers find the information they need without help.
Are You Developing Skills That Won’t Be Automated?
The future of work looks grim for many people. A recent study estimated that 10% of U.S. jobs would be automated this year, and another estimates that close to half of all U.S. jobs may be automated in the next decade. The jobs that are likely to be automated are repetitive and routine. They range f…
Blockchain startup grabs $40M to provide monetization and other tooling for AI-generated information
There is a role for to play in the creation of learning models, providing a more equitable and traceable approach to AI. — Build on LLMs
Easy to get started. Unlimited power.

"The automation platform for Large Language Models." - Fixie

France: Allowing mass surveillance at Olympics undermines EU efforts to regulate AI
Responding to the French National Assembly’s decision to permit the use of mass video surveillance technology powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) during the 2024 Olympics, Mher Hakobyan, Amnesty International’s Advocacy Advisor on AI Regulation, said: “France’s decision to allow the use of mas…
WGA Would Allow Artificial Intelligence in Scriptwriting, as Long as Writers Maintain Credit
The Writers Guild of America has proposed allowing artificial intelligence to write scripts, as long as it does not affect writers’ credits or residuals. The guild had previously indicated th…
Enter the Objaverse: 800,000 virtual props for AIs to play with
AI2 has created a giant, diverse database of 3D models of everyday objects, so simulations for AI models can be that much closer to reality.
A.I. Is Sucking the Entire Internet In. What If You Could Yank Some of It Back Out?
Two musicians brokered a deal to save 80 million images from Stable Diffusion. Are they enablers or heroes?
Chatbot Start-Up Character.AI Valued at $1 Billion in New Funding Round
Founded by ex-Google employees, the Silicon Valley company is among the few start-ups poised to compete with OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT.
Bionic Health raises $3M for its AI health clinic using GPT-4 and other ML models to design better preventative care
Is the world ready for robo-doctors?
Adept Raises $350 Million To Build AI That Learns How To Use Software For You
With new funding that values it at $1 billion, the year-old company already counts Microsoft, Nvidia and Workday as strategic partners.
PitchBook’s new tool uses AI to predict which startups will successfully exit
PitchBook is launching a new tool that uses historical data and AI to attempt to predict which startups will successfully exit.
Microsoft lays off team that taught employees how to make AI tools responsibly
As the company accelerates its push into AI products, the ethics and society team is gone
Should You Share AI-Driven Customer Insights with Your Customers?
AI is already helping companies understand their customers better. And many theorize that AI will soon know us better than we know ourselves. In an age where data has become commoditized, but the insights and profits from data are the rather exclusive belonging of a few enormous tech players, what b…
As AI booms, EU lawmakers wrangle over new rules
Rapid technological advances such as the ChatGPT generative artificial intelligence (AI) app are complicating efforts by European Union lawmakers to agree on landmark AI laws, sources with direct knowledge of the matter have told Reuters.
Explainer: What is the European Union AI Act?
The AI Act is expected to be a landmark piece of EU legislation governing the use of artificial intelligence in Europe that has been in the works for over two years.
This Chicago Startup Is Using AI to Help People Improve Their Credit
Cambio is a credit repair startup that is using AI to negotiate with and settle debts with debt collectors.
We Asked Our Readers How They’re Using AI in a Professional Setting. Here’s What They Said
Our readers respond to how they use AI in a professional setting.
Filmustage leverages AI to break down film scripts, create shooting schedules and more
Filmustage, an AI-powered platform that can automatically break down scripts, announced today it raised $550,000 in VC funding.
The AI Arms Race Hits College Campuses
USC is just the latest university to invest $10 million into a center dedicated to generative AI research.
A Princeton student built an app which can detect if ChatGPT wrote an essay to combat AI-based plagiarism
GPTZero was created by Edward Tian, a Princeton student, who says he was inspired by increasing AI plagiarism. The app’s popularity crashed his site.
AI-created images lose U.S. copyrights in test for new technology
The decision is one of the first by a U.S. court or agency on the scope of copyright protection for works created with AI.
Glaze protects art from prying AIs
An academic research project has launched a free ‘cloaking’ tool for visual artists to protect online artworks against style-ripping generative AI models.

What does it mean when the technology that surrounds our lives is built on systemic racial and gender-based prejudices?

AI Is So Cool. Why Is The Conversation Around It So Dumb?
Every day, interesting new applications arise, while pundits obsess over The Terminator.
A Bunch of Top Music Advocates Want to Ensure AI Doesn’t Replace Your Favorite Artist
A new coalition called the Human Artistry Campaign includes powerful trade groups like the RIAA and Recording Academy
Duolingo launches new subscription tier with access to AI tutor powered by GPT-4
Duolingo is introducing a new subscription tier with features powered by OpenAI’s new GPT-4 technology, the company announced on Tuesday.
Will using AI make Microsoft Word better? We’re going to find out.
Microsoft and Google are rolling out AI features to write your memos and emails for you. But they’re far from perfect.
Google AI features for Gmail and Docs up the ante against Microsoft
Google has some AI tricks up its sleeve.
AI is the next frontier — but for whom?
Ethics is often a separate conversation from AI building, but they should be one and the same. Bias is dangerous, especially as AI continues spreading.
ChatGPT: New AI system, old bias?
Here’s how this powerful tech can become more accurate and inclusive.
D-ID’s new web app gives a face and voice to OpenAI’s ChatGPT
D-ID announced today that it’s launching a web app that allows users to talk face-to-face with photorealistic AI.
The Good and Bad of ChatGPT in Schools
This week on ‘Gadget Lab,’ WIRED and NPR team up to cover the debate about students and teachers using generative AI in the classroom.
A look at the budding market for the text that prompts AI systems
Marketplaces for AI prompts are a growing industry. But the industry is still very much in its infancy.
Need to Write Your Vows? A.I. Can Help.
Artificial intelligence is steadily becoming a trusty tool for composing wedding speeches. Should it be?
Generative AI: Unlocking the future of fashion
While still nascent, generative AI has the potential to help fashion businesses become more productive, get to market faster, and serve customers better. The time to explore the technology is now.
Forethought aims to build more accurate chatbots with constrained generative AI models
Forethought is attempting to advance the customer service chatbot, and CEO Deon Nicholas things generative AI is a big step forward.
Using A.I. to Detect Breast Cancer That Doctors Miss
Hungary has become a major testing ground for A.I. software to spot cancer, as doctors debate whether the technology will replace them in medical jobs.
OpenAI launches an API for ChatGPT, plus dedicated capacity for enterprise customers
OpenAI has launched an API for its ChatGPT text-generating system, with initial partners including Instacart, Snap and Quizlet.
Facial-Recognition Tech Falsely Accuses Yet Another Black Man
Maryland is considering restricting the tech, which sometimes misidentifies those with darker skin as potential suspects
Meta says it is experimenting with AI-powered chat on WhatsApp and Messenger
Mark Zuckerberg has announced that the company is building “a new top-level product group” to integrate generative AI into its services.
Snap to roll out chatbot powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT
Snap Inc , which owns photo messaging app Snapchat, said on Monday it is rolling out an artificial intelligence chatbot powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology, as the company seeks to enter the buzzy field of generative AI.
LinkedIn expands its generative AI assistant to recruitment ads and writing profiles
Learning, job ads and profiles are the latest to get the AI push at LinkedIn
Humane, a secretive AI startup founded by ex-Apple employees, raises another $100M
Humane, a secretive startup co-founded by ex-Apple employees, has raised $100 million in a fresh venture round.
Salesforce Ventures targets new $250M fund at generative AI startups
Salesforce’s VC off-shoot Salesforce Ventures is targeting a new $250M fund at what it calls “responsible generative AI.”
The Vindication of Ask Jeeves
Garrett Gruener, the co-creator of Ask Jeeves, couldn’t beat Google, but he’s feeling just fine about the dawn of the chatbot era.
We Asked AI to Create New American Dishes. The Results Revealed the Cuisine’s Cliches
If ChatGPT were to create a restaurant, it would be called “Harvest & Hearth.” And it would serve food that “draws on inspiration from diverse culinary traditions.”
I Unleashed A.I. on Men on Tinder. What Happened Surprised Me.
What happens when your wingman is ChatGPT.
Chat GPT and the future of African AI - African Business
With limited training data matching African cultural and economic realities, the output of ChatGPT could be skewed toward reinforcing Western cultural and ideological hegemony.
One Startup’s Plan to Help Africa Lure Back Its AI Talent
Lelapa is building a research lab to serve African businesses and nonprofits, with the hope that locally grown algorithms can better serve communities.
Figure is the first-of-its-kind AI robotics company bringing a general purpose humanoid to life.
AI wrote a bill to regulate AI. Now Rep. Ted Lieu wants Congress to pass it.
The California Democrat, one of a handful of members with computer science backgrounds, wants a nonpartisan commission to recommend new regulations for artificial intelligence.
As A.I. Booms, Lawmakers Struggle to Understand the Technology
Tech innovations are again racing ahead of Washington’s ability to regulate them, lawmakers and A.I. experts said.
OPINION | While courts still use fax machines, law firms are using AI to tailor arguments for judges | CBC News
If courts and administrative decision makers used this same AI to identify their own biases and confront them, the justice system could be less vulnerable to those biases, writes Robyn Schleihauf.
Can religion save us from Artificial Intelligence?
Religious leaders are increasingly wading into the conversation around the ethics of Artificial Intelligence. Their message? Proceed with caution.
Why artificial intelligence needs to understand consequences
A machine with a grasp of cause and effect could learn more like a human, through imagination and regret.
AI is helping your company decide who to lay off
98% of HR leaders are planning to use AI to help make layoff decisions this year.
Concerns rise over treatment of human workers behind AI technology
Artificial intelligence is now woven into things we see and do every day, from searching on Google to filing taxes to using speak-to-text on a phone. Thought by many to be powered only by computers, the technology often relies on a massive human workforce. Sonam Jindal with the nonprofit coalition P…
Opinion | It’s Not Just Our Students — ChatGPT Is Coming for Faculty Writing
And there’s little agreement on the rules that should govern it.
German publisher Axel Springer says journalists could be replaced by AI
Owner of Politico urges focus on investigative journalism and original commentary, as company prepares for job cuts at German papers Die Welt and Bild
OpenAI debuts Whisper API for speech-to-text transcription and translation
OpenAI is rolling out the Whisper API, a hosted version of the open source speech-to-text model that the company released in late 2022.
AI-generated content detection tools put to the test
How can we distinguish between human-written text and that created by ChatGPT and other generative AI models? We put several to the test.
What AI-Generated Art Really Means for Human Creativity
Artificial intelligence can now make better art than most humans. Soon, these engines of wow will transform how we design just about everything.
A Documentary: By ChatGPT
Making a documentary powered by artificial intelligence (AI) reassured me my job’s safe, for now at least.
Use of artificial intelligence generates questions about the future of art
Artificial intelligence is everywhere and part of our conversations about education, politics and social media. It’s also a hot topic in the arts world as programs that generate art using AI are widely available to the public. But what goes into these programs, and the work that comes out, are heavi…
I Am a Model and I Know That Artificial Intelligence Will Eventually Take My Job
Sinead Bovell shares her firsthand insight into the future of technology in fashion.
Deep Agency shows the perils of applying AI to the fashion industry
Deep Agency, a new startup, uses AI to generate ‘virtual models.’ It’s been met with some praise -- but mostly controversy.
Spotify’s AI DJ Has No Soul
Plus: YouTube Music is finally adding podcasts, and Google Photos lets more users remove annoying friends from their pictures.
Can ChatGPT Recommend Movies? A Film Buff Put It to the Test
Sure, the AI chatbot can write an essay about Chaucer. We wanted to see whether it had any taste in films.
Launch YC: 🔘 Nara: The personalized nutritionist in your pocket | Y Combinator
Ask questions and get personalized suggestions 24/7 from your AI nutrition coach through SMS.
D-ID unveils new chat API to enable face-to-face conversations with an AI digital human
D-ID announced today that it’s launching a new live-streaming API to enable face-to-face conversations with an AI digital human.
5 ChatGPT alternatives to try when the AI chatbot is at capacity
You’ve got options.
The Physics Principle That Inspired Modern AI Art | Quanta Magazine
Diffusion models generate incredible images by learning to reverse the process that, among other things, causes ink to spread through water.
Whispers of A.I.’s Modular Future
ChatGPT is in the spotlight, but it’s Whisper—OpenAI’s open-source speech-transcription program—that shows us where machine learning is going.
Using Artificial Intelligence to Understand Why Students are Struggling
Stanford researchers created a program to help when students get stuck in self-paced digital learning.
Prioritize universal access in AI policy response (opinion) | Inside Higher Ed
The rush to impose new barriers to prevent cheating with AI could disproportionately hurt students with disabilities, Martin Stanberry, Jack Bernard and Joseph Storch write.
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After asking Microsoft’s AI-powered Bing chatbot for help in coming up with activities for my kids while juggling work, the tool started by offering something unexpected: empathy.
Microsoft Considers More Limits for Its New A.I. Chatbot
The company knew the new technology had issues like occasional accuracy problems. But users have prodded surprising and unnerving interactions.
DuckDuckGo dabbles with AI search
DuckDuckGo has become the latest veteran search player to dip its beak in the generative AI trend -- announcing the launch of an AI-powered summarization feature that can directly answer users’ search queries.
How AI Is Helping Companies Redesign Processes
The idea of business process reengineering is making a comeback, this time driven by artificial intelligence (AI). In the 1990s, the implementation of enterprise resource planning systems and the internet allowed companies to make changes to broad business processes, but the expectations of the radi…
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This week, we discuss all the ways generative AI is upending journalism, marketing, shopping, and search.
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Eleuther AI, a group of AI researchers investigating language models, is forming a nonprofit foundation for AI research.
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The polls asked Americans, and we asked ChatGPT.
Blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights | OSTP | The White House
Among the great challenges posed to democracy today is the use of technology, data, and automated systems in ways that threaten the rights of the American public. Too often, these tools are used to limit our opportunities and prevent our access to critical resources or services. These problems are w…