Production is Critical

Production is Critical

Former dean of the USC School of Architecture, Milton S.F. Curry, is launching Criticial Productive, a new journal focusing on the intersections of art, culture, and architecture.

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"Sovereignty and Populism are often in tension. How do these two domains of thought— sovereignty and populism—co-exist theoretically and pragmatically in today’s interconnected global landscape, as democracies are in peril and autocratic movements are on the rise? Even in the most democratic societies, the power to control contemporary and historic narratives and language confers cultural power onto social groups. From community activism and insurgent dis- courses to structural and systemic reformations, are there tangible activities that can scale? Do land claims, rights to the city, and forms of informal settlement impede or catalyze new urban formations that can serve the 99%? We are seeking both theoretical, visual and spatial explorations that account for the past, present and future approaches to questions of sovereignty, populism and design broadly considered."

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