Marcus Does It Again

Marcus Does It Again
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Hav & Mar from Chefs Marcus Samuelsson and Rose Noël is named for Ocean in Swedish and Honey in Amharic, a nod to the culinary cues the restaurant takes from Samuelsson's dual heritage as well as the influence of African roots in modern Black cuisine.  Hav & Mar is located in the Starrett-Lehigh building in the renowned arts district of Chelsea. | LEARN MORE.

MARCUS SAMUELSSON is the acclaimed chef behind many restaurants worldwide including Red Rooster Harlem, MARCUS Montreal, Marcus B&P, Red Rooster Overtown, Streetbird at Yankee Stadium and Marcus Fish + Chop House in the Bahamas. Samuelsson was the youngest person to receive a three-star review from The New York Times and was the guest chef for the Obama Administration’s first state dinner. He has won eight James Beard Foundation awards as chef, author, and... | LEARN MORE.

Marcus Samuelsson
In Sweden, ginger cookies, or peppakakor, are typically eaten around the holidays, and the spices in these cookies complement the winter coldness well. This is a version that is based on the spices that my grandmother Helga had in her large and magical pantry.