Find "Good" Art

Find "Good" Art

Founded by Phillip Michael Collins, Good Black Art is a collector support network dedicated to breaking down the barriers to art collection. |

Phillip Michael Collins is the founder of Good Black Art.

From Good Black Art /

Phillip’s practice as an art collector developed from his position as a self-proclaimed outsider. In his struggle with the exclusionary nature of systemic racism and homophobia, Phillip’s path started in a bit of confusion. Who am I? Who are you? What is this place that we’re in? These were the questions that permeated in Phillip’s mind while he studied International Marketing at Elon University. Ultimately, it was the hope of answering those same questions that triggered his wanderlust, pulling Phillip away from the South and away from the United States of America.  

Over the course of the next 10 years, Phillip lived and worked between Brazil, Europe, Asia and the Middle East, exploring what it meant to be a global citizen while putting his degree to good use. With major brands including American Express, Ford, GE, Disney and UBS, Phillip helped to shape global product, entertainment, and art and design campaigns. His credibility in lifestyle marketing stems from over a decade’s worth of working with major corporations—taking to the tasks of brand strategy, PR, talent management, experiential marketing and social media. | LEARN MORE.