An Evening with Hakim Adi

An Evening with Hakim Adi

Esteemed author and professor, Hakim Adi, discusses his new book, Africans and Caribbean People in Britain / A History. | Date: November 11, 2022 |

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"We are delighted that Professor Hakim Adi will be coming to Bristol to discuss his new book African and Caribbean People in Britain. This event will take place at the Malcolm X Centre, in the historic centre of the African and Caribbean community in Bristol, and will be in partnership with the Black South West Network.

Despite the best efforts of researchers and campaigners, there remains today a steadfast tendency to reduce the history of African and Caribbean people in Britain to a simple story: it is one that begins in 1948 with the arrival of a single ship, the Empire Windrush, and continues mostly apart from a distinct British history, overlapping only on occasion amid grotesque injustice or pioneering protest.

Yet, as acclaimed historian Hakim Adi demonstrates..." | Read MORE